Connor Undercover: The TV Show

Fifteen year old Connor Heath’s world has turned totally upside down. Connor is the world’s biggest spy buff, so when Gisela Calicos – a president’s daughter from a far-away nation – arrives by helicopter in the middle of the night to live with his family, he knows something’s up.

Gisela was sent to escape mysterious dangers at home, but somebody’s after her. Connor has to put his secret agent know-how into high gear as he and Gisela battle bodyguards, spies and moles. Meanwhile, Gisela has lost her identity, her friends, and her closet space. She’s being asked to live like an average teenager, even though she’s anything but. So Connor and Gisela must scheme to figure out the mystery that’s taken over their lives – if they can only figure out how to get along first!

Connor Undercover is a TV spy series for kids starring Max Morrow, Lola Tash and Jordan Francis. Check out our Episode Guide.

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