Whynot is ‘down but not out’ – new Jordan Francis music video

Published on November 5, 2010

For Jordan Francis fans – and who isn’t a fan? – this week’s Whynot music video is a keeper. In this sneak peek at tonight’s show, Jordan takes hold of this catchy tune and turns on the charm. He delivers silky vocals, some smooth moves, plus a bunch of heart-melting smiles.

And that’s good – since there aren’t many smiles in this week’s episode. There are lots of laughs though!

The Heath family isn’t very happy to find themselves living piled on top of one another in Ed the Bodyguard’s very cramped quarters. The good news is it gives Connor a chance to try out Ed’s spy gear. The bad news is he makes a mistake that proves he may not be ready for the big time.

So why are the Heaths bunking with Ed? The video will give you a hint. You’ll see bubbles – from a certain someone’s luxurious bath – flowing down the stairs!

Watch the exclusive release right here.

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