The Art Of Metro Rush

Published on September 8, 2010

Danny Zabbal

Metro Rush is an action-packed side scroller filled with rooftop obstacles and terrifying leaps, made all the more spectacular by great music and colorful cityscapes.

Danny Zabbal, Lead Artist at game developers Heroic Interactive, is the man responsible for the Metro Rush look.

We asked him a few questions about his work:

Spy Alliance: What’s your favorite visual element in the game?

Danny: I’d have to say my favorite visual element is the animation. It’s very rich and well done, and the bulk of it was achieved by our animators Jarrett Young and Adam Massicotte.

SA: Yeah, ‘Connor’ and ‘Gisela’ look so great when they’re leaping, the arched backs and their arms up in the air – it’s really fun. And of course they’re jumping between some fantastic buildings. How did you come up with the look for the buildings?

Danny: Well, I figured that since Connor Undercover was filmed in Toronto, Canada, I would try and incorporate some of the architectural stylings of the city. I wanted Metro Rush to embrace the turn of the century industrial style of the Distillery District and also have twinges of the international modern styles of Toronto’s financial district.

SA: Was it your idea for the game to switch to night at 6 PM? It really gives the game a whole other feel!

Danny: Although I came up with the nighttime variation, it was Josh Yaw, one of our game designers, who thought of linking it to a player’s local time. The hardest part was trying to keep the art from looking too scary!

SA: Who do you think has the best parkour skills  — ‘Connor’ or ‘Gisela’?

Danny: Definitely Gisela. Her vaults and spins are really dramatic!

SA: Do you play using mouse/spacebar or the x/c combo?

Danny: I’m old school, I like the keyboard.

SA: Have you ever leapt from rooftop to rooftop in real life?

Danny: Absolutely not! It’s too dangerous.

SA: Thanks, Danny. BTW: We love that you’re a lefty!

Metro Rush is a safe — and fun — mini game for kids of all ages. You can play it here now!

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