Spy Alliance Training Games: Leaderboard Update

Published on April 5, 2011

As our top agents know, the Spy Alliance training games are a great way to better your espionage skills, acquire Intel and earn Spy Cash too. And the better you become at the training games, the readier you’ll be to crack the mini game security modules other agents have placed on their agency boards.

Plus here’s a tip: when you play the mini games on another agent’s board, you earn extra Intel and Spy Cash.

Our new recruits are moving up the mini game leaderboards fast. We’ll take a look at three of those Spy Alliance agents today:

Agent Ghayth008 is our top new recruit on the board of Undercover Auto – our fast and furious top-down chase game. Ghayth sits at the #8 and #10 spots, and will probably surpass a few of Connor’s Dad’s scores any day now.

It sure looks like Agent Emsley002 has what it takes to be a safe-cracking pro. Emsley’s at the very top of the Lock Block leaderboard with a score of 25,815 – plus they’ve got “a lock” on spots #2 through #5 too!

When it comes to Max Stealth, Agent Rock001 is definitely the master. The top-down evade capture game is one of the most challenging training games in the Alliance. Rock is not only in first place with 19,580 points, they’ve blown every other new recruit completely out of the water – so far.

Do you have what it takes to play hard and get into the top 10 on the Spy Alliance training game leaderboards? Put in the work now – we’ll be reporting every few weeks on who is climbing up the standings.


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