Spy Alliance: Classified Intel on the Game

Published on December 8, 2010

Recruitment for the Spy Alliance is just days away. Are you ready to take charge of your very own spy agency?

Becoming a top secret agent in the Spy Alliance isn’t easy – but it’s fun. When the game launches, the Spy Alliance mini games become a competitive training ground where you earn valuable Spycash and Intel , and fight your way to the top of the leader board. With your Spycash earnings you can create your secret agent avatar, build your agency, and equip yourself with all the pro Spy Gear you’ll need to secure your agency.

The more you hone your skills with the mini games, the more prepared you’ll be to infiltrate enemy agencies and crack the security measures in your path. You can also work to build allegiances with your friends, forming spy networks secured against unknown hostile agents.

Keep your scores high on the mini games – not only will you gain fame and respect on the leader board, but other agents will need to top your scores to break into your agency and steal your Intel.

In Spy Alliance you must choose your friends wisely and know your enemies well.  And always remember – INFORMATION IS POWER.

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