Q & A With Lola Tash, Part 1

Published on September 9, 2010

Q: What is Connor Undercover about?

A: It’s about ‘Connor’ and ‘Gisela’. ‘Connor’ is obsessed with spy games and spy gadgets. He’s never really had anything exciting in his life, it was all in his imagination. And then this girl ‘Gisela Calicos’ comes into his life. She’s the real deal – she brings real intrigue into Connor’s life. The show is about how they deal with each other. For ‘Gisela’, it’s very hard to trust anyone, so ‘Connor’ has to deal with that.

Q: What is ‘Gisela Calicos’ all about?

A: She’s very interesting. She can be very obnoxious but she can be very smart and resourceful. She knows how to get her way. She’s a bit manipulative, I would say. But, she’s never truly mean.

Q: Where’s ‘Gisela’ from?

A: She’s from Cordoba. But there’s danger back in her country and her Dad sent her here, to Toronto, Canada, because he didn’t want her to get hurt or anything. He sent her to live with his best friend — Connor’s father ‘Reuben’. It’s a princess protection program kind of thing. Only in this case it’s a president’s daughter protection program.

Q: Are there any similarities between you and ‘Gisela’?

A: I love ‘Gisela’s’ style! Also, she loves picking on ‘Connor’, and I love picking on Max — in a fun way.

Q: How are you and ‘Gisela’ different?

A: She’s a drama queen. I’m so not a drama queen.

Read about how Lola was cast as ‘Gisela’ in Part 2 of her Q&A.

See Lola Tash as ‘Gisela Calicos’ in Connor Undercover every Friday at 9:30 PM EST/PST on Family Channel Canada.

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