Protect Your Intel – A Spy Alliance Tip from Gonzales

Published on January 6, 2011

Gonzales here. I see my Spy Alliance recruits are gathering a lot of Intel  – good work! That’s the first step to becoming one of our top agents. But the real key is protecting your Intel once you’ve got it stored in your Agency.

There are two ways to protect your Intel – Security modules and Mini Game modules. Both can be found in the Module section of your Inventory. Just use your Spy Cash to purchase them. Then strategically place them on your Agency board to surround your Intel Storage modules. With all four sides of your Intel Storage modules protected, even the most advanced agents will find it a challenge to get to your Intel.

If one of your Intel Storage modules has been raided (you’ll see a big red exclamation mark like in the picture above), click on it to find out who raided you. If the enemy agent didn’t have enough Spy Gear to raid you undetected, you’ll be able to go after them and try to get your Intel back.

Good luck agents – Gonzales out!


  1. Posted by Ellie on January 7th, 2011, 08:55

    Happy Birthday, Max!

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