On The Lookout For Your Spy Alliance Avatar

Published on March 4, 2011

Is your avatar in the running to win a prize in the Great Spy Alliance Avatar Challenge? The second prize in the contest is perfect for keeping on the lookout for all sorts of suspicious activity and spy signals. It’s a cool set of Night Goggles, and they feature everything you need for spy missions in the dark.

They’ve got super-bright blue LED lights, blue-tinted lenses to improve your night vision, a fold-out sighting scope with cross hairs and two yellow-tinted magnifying lenses. With these on, you’ll never be surprised by what comes out of the dark – an enemy agent, a strange animal or your sneaky younger sister!

There are only two more weeks to go in the Great Spy Alliance Avatar Challenge. But there’s still time to join the Spy Alliance, build your avatar and start voting for your favorites. Last week saw new secret agents SPRINGER005, TERRA005 and HANNY004 hit the board.  SPRINGER is definitely sporting some spy attitude, and is already racking up the votes.

So for your chance to win the Spy Gear Night Goggles, a whack of SpyCash and more, enter the Avatar Challenge today

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