Lola Tash Dresses Down in this Week's "Diva" Episode

Published on November 11, 2010

In this week’s episode of Connor Undercover, Ed is afraid that Gisela is in more danger than ever. He tasks Connor with the job of making sure she keeps a low profile. So actress Lola Tash has to put aside Gisela’s usual fabulous wardrobe for something a little more “normal” – that’s where the flannel jacket and tuque come in!

It’s a real challenge for Gisela to be meek and mild  – since she’s someone who, as Lola tells us, loves to be over the top, all the time.

It seems like the plan just might work, until Tanya brags that she’s figured out Gisela’s secret once and for all.Then Connor has to figure out exactly what Tanya knows, how she knows it, and how to plug all the leaks before they’re all sunk!

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