Q&A with Jordan Francis, Part 1

Published on September 7, 2010

Q: Who is ‘Whynot’?

A: ‘Whynot’ is Connor’s best friend and basically he knows everything that is going on with Connor and Gisela and he helps them on missions and what not. ‘Whynot’ is a ball of energy. He loves his music, most importantly, and he’s just always down, and there for Connor 100%.

Q: How are you like Whynot?

A: Well, he’s very much like me because – you know, I love to perform and that’s what ‘Whynot’ is all about. He’s all about playing the guitar and dancing and singing. That’s one major element that we have in common. And he’s also just a very funny and outgoing guy and, you know, I like to have fun.

I think kids will want to tune into the show because there’s action, stunts and missions, there’s music, and there’s comedy.

Q: What’s ‘Whynot’s’ personal style?

It’s very much clean cut, at the same time there’s a little rock-star edge to it.

Q: What’s something your fans don’t’ know about you?

A: I always have to have a Jamaican beef patty – on my way home – I have to have a patty. Ask any of my friends, the day doesn’t end till I’ve had my patty.

Read about how Jordan got his start in Part 2 of his Q&A.

See Jordan Francis as ‘Dave (Whynot) Whynacht’ in Connor Undercover every Friday at 9:30 PM EST/PST, starting September 17th, on Family Channel Canada.

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