Connor Trains Hard on Covert Camera

Published on February 3, 2011

Connor Heath is without a doubt one of the top agents in the Spy Alliance, and he trains hard on all the mini games. He’s into the adrenaline rush of Undercover Auto. And he loves putting his logic skills to the test with Lock Block.

But if you take a quick survey of the training game leader boards you’ll see Connor’s ranked in the top 5 for Covert Camera. Yep  – Connor gets a total kick out of the game that demands his full set of spy sleuthing skills. To excel at Covert Camera you need a sharp eye for detail, a memory that never fails and super-fine accuracy to snap quick pics.

And there’s a brand new agent giving Connor a run for his money. May004 joined the Alliance just last week and now they’re ahead of Connor on the Covert Camera leader board. May is ranked second with 100,564 points!

You can play Covert Camera here, or better yet – join the Spy Alliance to make your way up the leader board and challenge Connor and May009.

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