Avatar Challenge Prize Helps to Uncover the Evidence

Published on March 14, 2011

With just four days left in the Great Spy Alliance Avatar Challenge, things are getting pretty tense in the Agent Gallery. Is your avatar there? Have you been voting for your favorites? Because there’s still time to enter the contest and make a push to win one of the three great spy gear prizes – plus a whack of spy cash!

Every good secret agent needs to have the tools to collect evidence – and that’s where our third prize comes in handy. The all-in-one Evidence Kit is equipped with everything you’ll need to inspect surfaces and uncover crucial clues about the enemy. Fingerprints, microscopic traces left behind – nothing will evade your search. There are more than a dozen tools that pack neatly away into a small carrying case – portability that means you’ll always be prepared!

For your chance to win the Evidence Kit and our other cool spy gear prizes, enter the Avatar Challenge today.

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