Allies in the Spy Alliance – The Most Fun Way to Play

Published on November 9, 2010

As much fun as it is to play the mini games found inside the Training Area of Spy Alliance, you must not forget – you’re part of an alliance.  The Spy Alliance world is bigger than just your agency. It’s a growing international network.

Make Allies

The key to earning the highest score in Spy Alliance is to be able to travel throughout the network of agencies. That’s because the biggest Intel acquisitions come from raiding other players. The way you access other players – and their agencies – it by making Allies. A visit to your Agency HQ will reveal all Spy Alliance agents in the system. From there you can message them with a request to become your Ally.

Explore Other Agencies

When a player accepts your request and becomes your Ally, you can add their avatar to your agency  (your homepage). Now you have access to their agency and Intel. Chances are, you’ll find foreign agents there as well. Now you’re connected to their agencies too – infiltration and a covert Intel raid mission could be your next step!  And before you know it, the vast interconnected world of Spy Alliance is yours to explore.

Do you have what it takes to become a member of the Spy Alliance?

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