Aim For Accuracy With Covert Camera Spy Game

Published on November 4, 2010

Covert Camera is the newest spy training mini game from Spy Alliance. You’re tasked with taking photos of enemy agents for your spy dossier. The challenge is to isolate the fast-moving agents from crowds of civilians – crowds that grow in size with each new level. You have to remember what the enemy spies look like, and you must snap their picture before time runs out.

Covert Camera demands a full set of spy sleuthing skills! You’ll need a sharp eye for detail, a memory that never fails, strong nerves to withstand the race against time and super-fine accuracy to snap quick pics.

You get points for speed and accuracy. But don’t just shoot like crazy – the more shots you take, the faster the clock runs down!

Keep your eyes on the prize as the tension mounts and you just may make it through all 20 chaotic levels.

Play Covert Camera today.

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