Our New Mini Game Cipher Smash Trains Your Brain

Published on October 6, 2010

Cipher [sahy-fer]noun

1) a secret method of writing that uses substitution or transposition of letters, or specially formed symbols, according to a key;

2) a secret message.

Cipher Smash is a brand new mini game where you must focus your mind to decode secret messages. They may be intercepted from the enemy, or they might be from the Spy Alliance – but no matter what you’ve only got 5 minutes to unlock the message.

Spies don’t only need great physical skills like quick reflexes and agility. As a top agent, your brain is your most valuable tool. Cipher Smash puts your analytical skills to the test.  You can use hints as the ciphers become more and more difficult. But don’t use too many because each hint costs you valuable time.

You’ll experience a rush as you race against time to reveal the secret message. Put your brain in gear and play Cipher Smash now!

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