Episode Guide


Episode 1

Connor Heath’s spy world dreams come true when Gisela Calicos is dropped into his life, from a mysterious black helicopter. His parents have been acting secretive for weeks, so Connor has no choice but to follow them to the midnight rendezvous. He can’t believe that all the cloak-and-dagger stuff is just about some girl, but Gisela is no ordinary girl. Wherever she came from (somewhere Spanish-speaking), she’s rich, beautiful, and used to getting her own way. She also happens to be in danger. This is Connor’s big chance to live out his super-spy fantasy, but can he watch over a strong-willed girl who doesn’t like being watched over? And more importantly, can five people share one bathroom?


Episode 2

Connor has learned a few things about Gisela. Her father is the President of Cordoba, a Caribbean island nation. She’s one of the most important (and privileged) 15-year-olds on the planet. And she’s not adjusting well to normal teen life. In fact Gisela is so appalled by life with the Heaths – the lack of closet space, the chores, the food – that she’ll do anything to get away. Knowing she’ll be relocated if the Heaths can’t keep her safe and happy, she’s on a mission to prove they can’t. But Connor isn’t about to let that happen – he’s determined to prove that his skills are indispensible. How hard can it be to keep a girl happy? Well pretty hard, if the girl is Gisela. Meanwhile, Ty accidentally opens a package meant for somebody named “Ed” and the contents are too tempting to resist.

Cover Story

Episode 3

Asking Gisela to “blend in” is like asking the sun not to shine, yet the Cordoba secret service has given Gisela a new identity as an ordinary South American exchange student! Without servants or limos or anything! And they made her the one thing she just can’t pull off – boring! Connor desperately wants to play it cool on the first day back at school, especially in front of his crush, Tanya. Connor does his best to steer Gisela from trouble, but Gisela can’t help attracting attention – the bad, embarrassing kind of attention that Connor wants to avoid. In her own way, Tanya is just as spirited and forceful as Gisela, and when the two of them appear to hit it off, Connor’s life couldn’t be trickier. Or could it? As if he didn’t have enough trouble balancing two strong-willed females, a third joins the mix with the arrival of Gisela’s new bodyguard, Zatari.

Trash Talk

Episode 4

Connor has some misgivings about Gisela’s new bodyguard. He can’t point to anything specific, but something is just not right about the freakishly fit, stunning, and vaguely threatening female agent. For Gisela though, Zatari is a breath of fresh air, the big sister (and someone from home) that she so desperately needs. When Connor tries to steer Gisela toward some regular, teen activities – without Zatari – Gisela responds by challenging Connor and Whynot to a contest against her and Zatari. Whichever team brings in the most material for the recycling drive, wins. What starts as a friendly competition turns into a serious game of cat-and-mouse – is Connor just being jealous, or can he prove that Zatari is really not what she seems? Meanwhile, Ty’s got a challenge of his own, proving that Lily’s got hold of something precious to him.


Episode 5

When Connor’s spy-reflexes catch Tanya’s eye, the next thing he knows the two of them have an upcoming date to see Whynot’s band in action. Connor is thrilled until a very-muscley, very-jealous Dillon gets wind of their plans. Faced with a choice between canceling the date and Dillon canceling his face, Connor seeks out Zatari for some self-defense training. But when Zatari’s bungalow is mysteriously empty, Connor and Gisela know something is not right. Together, they piece together the clues, but aren’t prepared when they lead to an abandoned warehouse, and old associate, and a shocking betrayal. Meanwhile, a bee sting during rehearsal leaves Whynot trying to sing with a super-sized tongue. But could his friend’s cure be worse than the sting?


Episode 6

Ed, Gisela’s new by-the-book bodyguard, puts the Heaths under total lockdown: nobody in, nobody out, and no unapproved snacks. Gisela’s so safe, she can hardly stand it. When she says she needs a certified action hero to rescue her from the clutches of boredom, Connor can’t resist sneaking her out his secret spy exit route. Connor and Gisela hit the mall, have a blast, and get busted – big time. But along the way, Connor discovers a devious security breech that spells trouble for Gisela. How can Connor tell Ed about the leak, knowing it will lead to his new friend’s relocation to some remote bunker? Meanwhile, Ty is happy to advise from the sidelines… as long as there’s cash involved.

Lost in Translation

Episode 7

Gisela is not adjusting to life without butlers and yachts so when Connor uses the last of her fancy-schmancy shower gel, she wants revenge. Not only does she pull a skin cream switcheroo that has Connor seeing red (and looking orange), she also takes payback to a whole new level. But soon Gisela’s tactics spiral out of control and lead to a dangerous mistake that gives the enemy the upper hand. Have Gisela’s pranks (and her love of fine botanicals) gone too far? Meanwhile, Whynot has his hands full when a female friend assumes his latest love song is about her… and so do a hundred of her friends.


Episode 8

When Gisela’s latest “x-treme” bubble bath goes out of bounds, the Heath house becomes a flood zone. Suddenly, Ed the Bodyguard is hosting the entire family, and Connor is expected to follow in his dad’s hardware-happy footsteps. He’d rather help crack the code of the latest enemy messages, but Ed doesn’t think he’s ready for the spy-game’s big leagues. When Connor gets Gisela to cover his foreman duties and Ed to watch her back, he finally has the chance to prove his spy-worthiness. But an innocent mistake threatens to prove he’s not ready for the big time… and leads the enemy right to their door. Meanwhile, in a bid for privacy in Ed’s cramped bungalow, Ty discovers a pair of potent weapons: his feet. But when his stinky plan backfires, he finds himself on the wrong end of the ultimate weapon: a slumber party at Lily’s.


Episode 9

A secret listening device discovered in the Heath house could point to the enemy’s lair, but it also proves that Gisela is at greater risk than ever. Ed charges Connor with an impossible task: making sure Gisela keeps a low profile. Connor issues her an underwhelming selection of drab fashions, and orders her to release her inner dull girl. It seems like the plan just might work, until Tanya brags that she’s figured out Gisela’s secret once and for all. (But she’s willing to keep quiet… for a song.) Now Connor has to figure out what Tanya knows, how she knows it, and how to plug all these leaks before they’re all sunk. Meanwhile, when Lily learns that Gisela’s fabulous wardrobe is under lockdown, she’ll stop at nothing to set it free.

Fashion Crimes

Episode 10

The paparazzi that used to follow Gisela’s every fabulous move are getting closer, and Ed has ordered Connor and Gisela to stay joined at the hip – not a good time for them to be on each other’s nerves! When the two of them make conflicting plans for the weekend, the biggest threat is how much they want to strangle each other. Connor and Gisela decide to team-up so they can split up; all it takes is a little scheming to get Ed out of the picture. But when the paparazzi are swarming and they need Ed’s help, has their plan worked too well? In the middle of it all, Tanya tries to throw a winning fashion show without losing her cool. A little help from Whynot couldn’t hurt… could it?

Old Flame

Episode 11

When President Calicos orders Gisela back to Cordoba for good, Connor is twenty-four hours away from losing his friend and his access to the spy world he loves. That’s why Connor is determined become Gisela’s new bodyguard, traveling with her all over the world – he just has to convince the President. With a little help from Whynot and a video camera, he makes the ultimate pitch: Gisela should be protected by the one who knows her best. But when Gisela’s old flame arrives to take this dream job for himself, how can Connor compete? By using his spy-skills in a bid to find and expose his rival’s weaknesses… assuming he has any. Can Connor turn things around before time runs out? Meanwhile, Ty discovers that his collection of fake snakes, bugs, and creepy-crawlies may be the secret to making Lily scram forever.

Ed Lite

Episode 12

When Ed leaves town on a secret mission, a substitute bodyguard takes over Gisela’s protection. Unfortunately, “Ed Lite” happens to be completely useless. So useless, that when Connor and Gisela bring him a mysterious code sent to her cellphone, Connor has to explain it to him. Connor and Gisela strike out on their own, following the clues that lead to some sweet enemy intel… if only Gisela hadn’t left her cell phone behind. When Connor goes to retrieve it, the enemy is on to him. With Ed gone, Ed Lite no help at all, and Connor in grave danger, it’s up to Gisela to hatch a rescue plan, fast. As for Ty, he has his own theory about who Ed Lite is, and with Whynot’s help he’ll prove it, no matter how out-of-this-world it is.

Password Protect

Episode 13

Connor’s spy school application is missing one thing: a recommendation from a real pro. To earn Ed’s approval, Connor becomes a 24/7 martial arts machine, but a badly timed back-kick gets him stuck in detention for the next three decades. Meanwhile, it’s Gisela’s birthday, but as far as she can tell, she’s a thousand miles from anyone who even cares. Alone and homesick, she finally gets a message about a private birthday celebration. Gisela leaps at the invitation – and right into the clutches of her deadliest enemy! With Gisela’s life hanging in the balance, Connor struggles to escape school in time to help her… and Gisela learns that the enemy’s plans – for Gisela, Ed, and the entire nation of Cordoba – are even more devious than anyone guessed. Has Connor learned enough about the enemy, his friends, and the spy game itself to save the day.

This Time It’s Personal

Episode 14

Connor’s dream of spy school is as strong as ever, and he is just one final test away from being accepted to Camp X Spy Academy. That is, if he can carry out a covert DNA analysis on his crush, Tanya! While Connor struggles with this difficult task, Gisela struggles to make life in her new home as great as life back in Cordoba. Too bad Ed, her bodyguard, didn’t get the memo. His intrusive and embarrassing attempts to watch her undercover at school make ‘normal teen life’ anything but normal. But Connor and Gisela find even these problems take a back seat when an old enemy comes to call who must be dealt with once and for all.

Fake Out

Episode 15

Connor begins spy training under Ed who gives him the near-impossible test of adopting a disguise so convincing that it even fools Whynot, his best friend. With Gisela’s help, Connor becomes “Desmond,” an upper crust snob with a taste for fashion. But when his alter ego uncovers some shocking information, Connor can’t disguise his amazement. Meanwhile, Lily tricks Ty into taking a lame-o microwave cooking class with her. Can Ty bend the rules (and recipes) to have fun anyway?

Background Check

Episode 16

Tanya and Dillon have broken up and Connor sees his chance to win her over. With Gisela’s help, he uses his spy gadgets to get dating intel on Tanya and dirt on Dillon. But before he can make his move to impress Tanya, the enemy comes to call. Will Connor be able to win Tanya away from annoying and possibly evil Dillon? He’s going to have to find her first.


Episode 17

Ed tests Connor’s spy skills by planting a mole in their midst. Connor knows that his future as Gisela’s bodyguard is riding on this, so he pulls out all the stops investigating everyone in the same area code – which is as hard as it sounds, especially when Gisela’s being weirdly unhelpful. But Connor’s thoroughness pays off when he uncovers a threat nobody else even noticed. Meanwhile, Gisela’s neighbour, Lily, pulls out all the stops to get Gisela to go on a ski trip with her.

Hard Candy

Episode 18

Whatever differences Connor and Gisela may have, one thing they have in common is a quite-possibly-too-healthy spirit of competition. That’s why a little trash talk between the two of them erupts into a full-on battle over who can figure out a communications device that Ed took from an enemy agent. But when Ty wanders cluelessly onto their battlefield, everything changes, and there’s a lot more than bragging rights at stake. Meanwhile, Lily thinks Ty can’t go a day without eating candy. And she’s right.

Secrets and Lies

Episode 19

Gisela’s attempts to jumpstart her love life prove futile until a new guy shows up at school. He’s cute, he’s worldly, and he’s just what the Gisela ordered. But Connor is suspicious, and possibly a little jealous, of perfect Andre, and he has just the way to check him out – with a portable lie detection device from Ed. Though the device may prove Andre to be trustworthy, Connor’s gut disagrees. Connor feels Andre is hiding something. And when Connor and Gisela discover what it is, they’re going to have to do some fancy footwork if Gisela wants to date Andre. Meanwhile, Ty looks to Whynot for help when he and Lily must dance together in gym.

Crash Course

Episode 20

When a helicopter shows up at the Heath house, Connor and Gisela couldn’t be more excited – because whoever does the best at copter training gets the bird for the day. For Connor that means a day of stunt-flying and for Gisela that means getting away to an exotic beach to spend time with Andre. But Connor’s spy life gets in the way of his school life and soon he’s grounded til he pulls his grades up! Looks like Gisela is going to have all the fun and Connor’s going to be toga-deep in a Greek Theater extra credit report… unless the enemy has something to say about it. Meanwhile, Ty and Mom compete in a game of extreme hide ‘n’ seek to determine who will do Ty’s chores.

Escape Artist

Episode 21

When a master spy nicknamed “The Magician” escapes custody, Connor and Gisela pick the wrong time to accidentally handcuff themselves together into an awkward, slow-moving, teenaged mess. While Ed does his best to subdue the escape artist, Connor and Gisela struggle to get out of their unfashionable bracelets to no avail. And when the Magician comes to call, will they be able to figure out how to use their too-close-for-comfort situation to their advantage… somehow? Meanwhile, all this talk about escape artistry gives Ty an idea about taking up magic – so he can make Lily disappear. And it works! A little too well.

Fear Itself

Episode 22

When a letter from enemy mastermind, Azul, shows up on Gisela’s bedroom floor, Connor checks out this huge security breach and is pretty certain that Gisela’s boyfriend, Andre, has something to do with it. Sure he’s wrong and that he’s not listening to her, Gisela takes her protection into her own hands. Now it’s up to Connor to team up with Andre to keep Gisela safe. Meanwhile, Ty’s April Fool’s prank turns Mom and Dad against each other. It’s a war that will not end well… for anybody!

Dead Drop

Episode 23

When Connor finally snags that elusive date with Tanya, it’s a case of seriously bad timing when Ed gives him a mission that just can’t wait. Gisela’s got his back though, and makes it her own mission to help Connor speed through his work. Unfortunately, Gisela’s “help” has the opposite effect, and what should have been a fairly straightforward operation goes off the rails and vital info gets into the hands of a master spy. Meanwhile, Lily’s deep understanding of romantic melodrama (gleaned from watching telenovellas) comes in handy on her “mission” to keep Tanya from giving up on Connor.

Dinner is Ruined

Episode 24

With the enemy stepping things up, security on Gisela goes up too, which means no social life for anybody. Gisela chafes at having to miss a dinner engagement at Tanya’s house until Connor intervenes, convincing Ed that he can protect her personally for this one important event. But Connor’s not just being altruistic; he wants some face-time with his crush! But guarding Gisela proves to be harder than anyone thought. Who will be the casualty? Gisela, Ed… or Connor’s lovelife…? Meanwhile, Ty and Lily bond when they get locked in Connor’s forbidden spy pod together.

Stop Bugging Me

Episode 25

High school gossip does what the best enemy agents couldn’t: throw Connor off his game. Rumour has it, Connor likes Gisela, and she likes him right back! But the timing couldn’t be worse. There’s a high-tech bug in their midst, and Connor and Gisela need to work together to find it. With the awkwardness meter off the charts and the enemy a step ahead, can Connor get his head back in the game? Meanwhile, Ty becomes a tycoon when the household bug search uncovers a gold mine of valuable odds and ends.


Episode 26

Ed puts Connor through a series of time-consuming spy tests – why? Connor doesn’t know, but he hopes it means a promotion is coming. Meanwhile, Ed cavalierly sends Gisela off on a date with Andre with no warnings, caveats or special protection to speak of. Weird! In fact, it’s so weird that Connor thinks he should try to get to the bottom of it. And what he discovers is so shocking that he and Gisela can’t actually believe it. But one thing is for certain: everything is about to change.

Spies vs. Spies

Episode 27

Connor learns that Ed’s top secret mission is in trouble and the President’s men are after him. Only Connor can help Ed now, but does he have what it takes to out-agent every agent on the case? Caught between his duty to the President and his loyalty to a friend, Connor will need Gisela’s help to untangle this situation. Ty, on the other hand, is making the best of Ed’s absence by converting his bungalow into his very own “man cave.”

Deadly Lipgloss

Episode 28

Connor’s excitement over the arrival of new secret service spy gadget quickly fades when it turns out to be – lipgloss? There’s obviously been some kind of mistake at HQ, but while Connor is busy trying to sort it out, he runs into bigger problems. Jorge, the inept but lucky agent running the investigation into Ed’s recent actions, leaves both Gisela and the dangerous-but-harmless-looking gadget unprotected at school. Will Connor be able to chase down the hazardous cosmetic before some unsuspecting girl gets hurt? And will Gisela be able to keep Jorge from walking into even more trouble with enemy agents?

Damage Control

Episode 29

It’s bad enough that Gisela and Connor always have to double date so that Connor can protect Gisela, but to have to babysit Jorge, an inept agent, at the same time and keep him out of danger til his flight out of town? That’s asking a lot. Too much, as it turns out. When Jorge gets into a world of trouble, Connor and Gisela must ditch their annoyed dates and take care of spy-business. Will Connor and Gisela be able to save Jorge – and their relationships – before it’s too late?

The Ticking House

Episode 30

When Mom and Dad leave town, Connor and Gisela throw a much-needed party. What could go possibly wrong? Well, they could accidentally set the high-tech house to ‘self-destruct’. Faced with a tick-tick-ticking house and enemy leader Azul’s men on the way to collect the rubble, Connor and Gisela need a new party plan, fast. Will they find a solution before the house goes kaboom? Meanwhile, Ty and Lily blend into the party by going undercover… disguised as teenagers.

The Key

Episode 31

When Connor overhears enemy chatter about searching for a “key”, somewhere among Gisela’s possessions, he realizes they better find it before the bad guys do. Easier said than done, though, since Gisela has thrown out/sold everything in her room so that she can try a “new look.” They retrieve and search every single item to no avail – every item except a purse that neighbor Lily is holding hopelessly hostage – unless Connor will help her out with her upcoming talent show performance. Will Connor find the key – or die (of embarrassment) trying? Meanwhile, Ty tries every trick in the book to get out of his talent show act with Lily. And the enemy tests Ed’s loyalty.

003rd Wheel

Episode 32

If Connor can’t flush out an enemy agent in time, Gisela will have to cancel her big date with Andre. Luckily, the job turns out to be easy as Connor discovers the agent in an unlikely place – right under his nose! But sometimes things that seem simple, turn out to be a lot more complicated – especially when an annoyed Andre and Sophia, a classmate with a big crush on Connor, get between him and saving the day. Meanwhile, Diego, the President’s aide, struggles to carry out an order to please an extremely demanding Ty.


Episode 33

Gisela eagerly awaits a secret visit from her father, the President of Cordoba, when Ed unexpectedly returns from his undercover mission badly hurt and with devastating news – someone in the secret service is a mole! They’re all in terrible danger from someone disguised as a good guy! Will they be able to uncover the mole in time to save themselves? With her hands full at home, Gisela has no time to look after recovering Andre, so she enlists Lily to keep him company.

Hope is Not Enough

Episode 34

Ed’s in big trouble back in Gisela’s home country, Cordoba. And while Connor gets his first glimpse of Gisela’s life (and power) on a visit to the Presidential mansion, Gisela must fend for herself in the spy world back in Toronto. Both these fish out of water learn to appreciate the other’s life, challenges and special skills as they figure out how to work the system to save Ed.

The Eye of Cordoba

Episode 35

With an escaped enemy agent on the loose, Connor’s got his hands too full to worry about Gisela lovelife – or lack thereof. While Gisela tries to mend fences with Andre and pursues the elusive ‘normal date’ with him, Connor discovers just how deep the enemy’s influence goes – and what the enemy’s really after. Meanwhile, Ty and Mom join forces to rid the family of Dad’s awful sweat pants. .

The Pod Couple

Episode 36

While Connor and Gisela fight over the fate of one of Gisela’s most prized – but most dangerous – possessions, competition and trickery soon take a back seat to a much bigger problem – a threat coming from inside the house. Meanwhile, Lily tricks Ty and his mom into taking her to a boy band appearance at the mall. Will Ty – and his pride – live to tell the tale?

Home Scary Home

Episode 37

With the threat level the lowest it’s ever been, Gisela decides it’s time for a day trip back home to the fun and sun of Cordoba. But Connor is hopeless at holidaying. He’s all work and no play – continuing his careful tracking of the enemy – right back to their lair in Cordoba! Will Connor be able hunt down enemy leader, Azul, and the secret behind his ultimate plan? And will Gisela be able to leave her chaise lounge long enough to save him from himself? Meanwhile, Ed uncovers intel to help them both.

If You Could Read My Mind

Episode 38

Uncomfortably close to Gisela at a safe house far from home in Cordoba, Connor finds his secret spying a wee bit difficult to keep secret – which is how he and Gisela both manage to spy their way right into the enemy lair. Unfortunately, they’re in a lot of danger. Fortunately, it’s worth it, since it leads them to discover the enemy’s master plan. The only question is – from their compromised position – will they be able to stop it? Meanwhile, classmate Sophia’s crush on Connor only grows in his absence, and neighbour Lily is more than happy to help her feed the flame of love.

See You There

Episode 39

Back home after all the excitement in Cordoba, Connor and Gisela have trouble re-adapting to “normal” life as they knew it. In fact, they can’t leave well enough alone when they get a chance to take down the enemy’s leader – Azul himself. But will their focus on this prize lead them to miss a threat closer to home? And will the result be lives torn apart – or brought together? Meanwhile, Sophia’s crush is going strong, and she can’t get enough of snooping into Connor’s – and Gisela’s – lives.


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