Produced by: Karen Lee Hall
Project Manager: Aaron Champion
Excellent Assistance: Jennifer Levin, Darcy Ridgeway, Iris Tse

Interactive Design: Scott Nihill and Daniel Loach
Game Design: Daniel Loach, Josh Yaw, Daniel Zabbal
Flash Programmers: Josh Yaw, Simon Ho Chuen Chan, Drew Eastmond
Database Programmer: Christopher Postill
System Architects: Claremont Interactive

Sound Design: Alan Geldart
Music Composition: Chris Postill

Visual Design: Amoeba Corp
Lead Artist: Danny Zabbal
Other great artists: Laura, Zajacz, Jarrett Young, Nick Kingsland, Xiayun “Rabbit” Zheng,  “Leon” Sung Yoon Jo, Rachelle Scarfo
Animation: Jarrett Young, Adam Massicotte

Website Design: Sarka Kalusova, Digital Fin Communications
Usability Testing: Think Usability
Marketing Specialist: Julie Giles, GreenHAT Digital
Viral Marketing Manager: Cassandra Nicolaou

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